Our Accessories

We have an an enormous range of tiling accessories available in our tile warehouse and one of our main suppliers is Tilemaster. We stock all of Tilemaster’s products and can order in anything we don’t currently have if required. Below is just a small list of what we have in stock:

Half-Rounded Tile Trim

Tile Rite Trims

No More Ply Accessories

TileMaster Delta Board

L-Shaped Trims

Box Trims

Chrome Box Section

No More Ply Board

With our Tile Adhesive, Grouts and Levellers rage there is so much to choose from in terms of colour, finish and functionality. We’ve got the perfect tiles, finishings and accessories for your space, no matter what the size or the budget.

Let us help you to create your dream space

Our spacious Warehouse and Showroom hosts Lanarkshire’s finest imported tile collection with lots to browse and discover. Let us help you find what’s best for your dream space.

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